A tool to manage projects. This is very much a work in progress and parts may or may not work. Some may not even exist yet or exist and do nothing.


For up-to-date information commands run mgr help.


This is inspired by bioinformaticszen. I've found though that if I don't script it I won't do it. So I've decided to create a tool to manage deleting and getting my projects since I never turn my laptop off. I hope that by doing things like this I will improve the reproducibility of my research. To that end these scripts shouldn't really do much. Basically just clone and the like. The hard work of getting dependencies, managing environments, running scripts, and the like should be given to other more common tools like pip, bundler, virutalenv, make, fabric and so forth.

I may add some utilities such as searching and listing known projects, but that is just to make my life easier and is not needed to actually work on a project.


Same as 37signal's sub, ie do eval "$(bin/mgr init -)".


Blake Sweeney bsweene@bgsu.edu