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This package provides a set of widgets for displaying time-sampled data in
interactive "strip chart" form.  The widgets are (currently) built upon the
PyGTK package.

The package is distributed under the GNU LGPL license.  See the file COPYING
for more details.

Project Homepage:

 - GTK+ 2.4.0 (or newer)
 - Python 2.3.3 (or newer)
 - PyGTK 2.2.0 (or newer)
To generate the API documentation you will need:
 - epydoc 2.0 (or newer)

This package uses Python's distutils.  To install, extract files from the
archive, open a shell / console in that directory and type:
    python install
Note that you may need to have administrator or root priveliges to complete
this install, depending upon the setup of your system.

Unit Tests and DocTest Tests
After installation (and *only* after!), the unit tests and doctest tests for
the package can be run by executing the script:

Demonstration Programs
The "demo" directory contains examples of the widgets provided by this
package.  See the README file in this directory for more information.

Mailing Lists
Project mailing lists are available at SourceForge.  Everyone interested in
the project is encouraged to subscribe:

API Documentation
To build the API documentation, you will need to have epydoc 2.0 or newer
installed.  If this is the case, then you can run:
Which will create the API documentation in the ./doc/api directory.  Note
that this has not been tested under MS Windows, and may fail.

This package was originally created by Jonathan Merritt at The Equine Centre,
within the Faculty of Veterinary Science at The University of Melbourne.

David J. Chase.
Jonathan Merritt.
AJ Dyka.

Recent activity

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