Digital Special Collections Server Consolodation Project

Scripts to build-from-source unix software packages required by Digital
Special Collections consolodated server for the production of the
Online Archive of California and Calisphere websites and related
contribotor support services by the California Digital Library.

Brian Tingle, Technical Lead, Digital Special Collections, 
California Digital Library, University of California Office of the President

		kicks off the build in $HOME/local
	./make-setup-go -p /path/to/prefix
		build in another directory

Script assumes that trusted archives of source code are on the local
machine at $HOME/build-dsc-solaris10.  See notes in the LICENSE file if you want
to build your own repository of downloaded software source code to use
with this script.

Designed to work with /usr/sfw/bin/gcc and /usr/ccs/bin/make that are
packaged with solaris and not gcc/make from /usr/local/ from  Uses /usr/local/tar from