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org.cdlib.dsc.solr.TransformCopyProcessorFactory extends UpdateRequestProcessorFactory '@Override'ing processAdd() to add facet values based on the value of "url" field.

org.cdlib.dsc.solr.SimpleFacet has a method fieldTransform that takes the String of the url and return the String to go in the host field

org.cdlib.dsc.solr.SimpleFacetTest is a very simple jUnit test

ant build

will remove the classes directory, create it again, compile the sources, and run the jUnit test.


BSD style Copyright 2010 UC Regents all rights reserved

version 1

This version is under active development. It adds an index field "host" such that a page with a url of will get a value in the index.

version 2

add a second level domain option (ignore subdomains) to group all so and all get

add regex based facet value substituion, keeping in mind that the facet values are also going to be used for display labels to the end user; if no regex's match, just output a hostname?