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Khask is a HTTP file server with a GridFS (MongoDB) backend, written in Haskell.

MongoDB includes a specification for storing large files, called GridFS. I've found it to be a pretty low-fuss way to get network-attached file storage.

There wasn't a nice way to serve those files to the web, so I wrote Khartoum (in Python). Then I started learning Go, and rewrote Khartoum in it as a learning exercise. The result was Khargo, which is a bit more polished than Khartoum ever was.

Khask is my rewrite of the same application in Haskell.


  • Serving files from GridFS (duh).
  • Setting the appropriate Content-Type header.
  • Serving gzipped content to clients that support it.
  • Setting the ETag header to the md5 of the file's content.
  • CORS support. The Access-Control-Allow-Origin header is set to "*", so you can serve web fonts from khask without complaints from IE and Firefox.

The intended use case is as an origin server sitting behind a CDN. So your applications can store files in MongoDB, and they'll then be accessible from the web.

Here Be Dragons

Consider this alpha-quality software. Only run it in production if you're comfortable reading through the code and making changes.