Jason R. Coombs committed 44e8f45

Adding (slow) test that captures the failing rss feed parser

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+import time
+from tests.functional import PmxbotHarness
+class TestPmxbotLog(PmxbotHarness):
+	def test_no_op(self):
+		"""
+		Test that the harness is working.
+		"""
+	def test_bot_running_after_feeds_parsed(self):
+		"""
+		The RSS feed parser attempts to fetch feeds after 30 seconds and save
+		entries 60 seconds after that, so wait
+		that long and make sure the bot is still running.
+		"""
+		time.sleep(99)
+		assert is None, "Bot is no longer running"


 server_host: "localhost"
 server_port: 6668
 bot_nickname: integrationbot
     - "#logged"
     - "#inane"
     - name    : "pmxbot bitbucket"
       channel : "#inane"
       linkurl : ""
-      url     : ""
+      url     : ""
 local_extensions: []
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