Unable to use 'silk skel' on a fresh installation

Martin Melin avatarMartin Melin created an issue

At the moment, new users can't get up and running with silk-deployment without applying patches from two open pull requests, one on silk-deployment and one on silk-config.

Expected results:

$ silk skel sitename should create silk skeleton directory, as described in README.

Actual results:

silk dies with an opaque AttributeError, because there is no site.yaml file.

When this is fixed by https://bitbucket.org/btubbs/silk-config/pull-request/2/dont-assume-get_site_root-finds-a-site there is another issue.

silk skel dies because install_skel needs a site name as an argument, but it isn't being passed on by cmd_dispatcher.

Fixed by https://bitbucket.org/btubbs/silk-deployment/pull-request/1/update-to-pass-args-to-silk-skel-site

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new virtual environment with --no-site-packages
  2. $ pip install silk-deployment
  3. $ silk skel test

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