Python + Postgres + React TodoMVC Example

This application takes the React TodoMVC example and adds a Python and Postgres

All changes are immediately stored in Postgres (instead of browser localStorage
as in the upstream example), and then streamed out to clients via websockets.

To get it running:

  1. Install Vagrant.
  2. Clone the repository at
  3. From the root of the repository, type vagrant up. Wait for the
    provisioning script to finish.
  4. Type vagrant ssh to get a shell into the Vagrant environment.
  5. cd /vagrant
  6. mkvirtualenv todos
  7. make dev
  8. foreman start

You can now browse to the application at http://localhost:8000/. Open it in
multiple tabs, and you should see your changes to Todo items applied at the same
time on all of them.

You can watch the presentation that accompanies this code at