terminal-quest is a gamified introduction to basic command line navigation and file manipulation skills. It is implemented in the python programming language but requires no programming other than entering commands on a command line.

terminal-quest is a series of puzzles that can be solved with only the commands cd, ls, man, cat, head, tail, grep, file globbing (* character), and output redirection (> character).


Installation and Use


You can install terminal-quest using pip:

pip install terminal-quest


An alternative way to install terminal-quest is by using anaconda. After installing anaconda, open a terminal and run:

conda create -n terminal-quest -c bubhub python=3.5 terminal-quest

This will create a new conda environment called terminal-quest and install this software and the needed dependencies into it. To create your own terminal quest, run:

source activate terminal-quest

Note that the executable is terminal_quest not terminal-quest! The second command will display a festive and colorful splash message while it creates your own personal quest and provides some instructions and hints on how to start. NB: the anaconda method only currently works on linux systems.

Manual Installation

If you do not have access to anaconda, you may also install this package manually. You can either clone this repo to your local machine with:

git clone

or simply download the most recent stable version from the downloads page.

Once downloaded (and expanded, if downloaded as an archive), open a terminal and run from within the source directory:

python install


This package uses the following non-standard python packages: