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Issue #6 resolved
Roma Bubyakin repo owner created an issue

This issue affected all OAuth integrations.

Steps to reproduce.

  1. Without the “api-tokens-for-jira” plugin installed, application link between Jira and confluence works (connected status)
  2. Installed the “api-tokens-for-jira” plugin in Jira UAT, application link between Jira and confluence got broken (network error)
  3. Restarted the Jira and Jira application was not able to come up.
  4. Removed the “api-tokens-for-jira” plugin from the list of plugins to be installed (from Jira file system)
  5. Able to start the Jira application and Jira-Confluence application link works fine.
  6. Disabling this plugin from Jira UI also results in Jira-application application link to work fine.


  • Jira software @ v7.12.1 (On Premise)
  • Confluence @ v6.12.0 (On Premise)

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