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Make Initial PHG DB Pipeline Plugin

MakeInitialPHGDBPipelinePlugin is the first required step to build a PHG. It will run the following plugins:


GetDBConnectionPlugin will create a new DB with the required Schema and LoadGenomeIntervalsToPHGdbPlugin will then begin to populate the DB with Reference Range Information. It will also load reference haplotypes into the PHG for the provided Reference Ranges. LiquibaseUpdatePlugin is then run to mark the DB version as compatible with the current PHG software. More information is in Details.

Quick Start

Note this can be run outside of the docker as well.

You will need a valid intervals file for this step. For details on the interval file contents and creation, click here .

You will need to set WORKING_DIR for things to work correctly. This should be the location where MakeDefaultDirectory put all the PHG files.


docker run --name create_initial_db --rm \
    -v ${WORKING_DIR}/:/phg/ \
    -t maizegenetics/phg:latest \
    /tassel-5-standalone/ -Xmx100G -debug -configParameters ${DOCKER_CONFIG_FILE} \
    -MakeInitialPHGDBPipelinePlugin -endPlugin

Note we are assuming that you used MakeDefaultDirectoryPlugin and are using a config file named config.txt. If you use something else, replace the file name in DOCKER_CONFIG_FILE.


As mentioned above, this plugin will first run GetDBConnectionPlugin which will create the DB schema for the PHG. Then LoadAllIntervalsToPHGdbPlugin is run which will take in a BED file containing the coordinates for the Reference Ranges and will begin loading in that information. Once the ReferenceRanges have been loaded, the plugin will also extract out sequence information for each Reference Range from the Reference Fasta file and will create a haplotype entry in the DB. These haplotypes can be used for later analysis pipelines.

Once the Reference Haplotypes are created, the LiquibaseUpdatePlugin is run to mark the DB as up-to-date, indicating that all existing database updates have been applied. This allows the DB to be updated via the Liquibase migration tool should future database changes occur. Further information can be found here:



Config File Parameters for this step

The MakeInitialPHGDBPipelinePlugin makes use of parameters stored in a config file. The relevant config file parameters are as follows. Change the values to match your configuration. The DBType must be either "sqlite" or "postgres". The host, user, password and DB should match your own system configuration. Change other file names to match the files you have defined.

# Load genome intervals parameters
#liquibase results output directory, general output directory

This example config file follows the directory structure defined by MakeDefaultDirectoryPlugin but is the Docker specific version of the paths. If running outside of the docker, please make the necessary adjustments.

Note the "refServerPath" is a field that stores where future users may find the source genome Fasta used for populating the reference genome. It can be any string the user wants. This example shows a directory on ani iRods server.