Clcon is now developed with Russian UI and some Russian sources. This page, clcon_en is kept for those in the rest of the world who can be interested.

What's that

clcon is a cross-platform Common Lisp IDE under construction.

Platform support

Supported lisp implementation(s):

  • SBCL 1.3.18

Supported tcl version(s):

  • tcl 8.6.3, 8.6.4

Platforms where testing is

  • Windows 10 (64 bit), SBCL x86 - tested regularly (manually and a good amount of unit tests)

Project goals

  • Permissively licenenced GUI for embedding of CL and CL-based languages into applications

Current state

Clcon have most of essential features required for efficient CL development. But some of them are still missing.

Current features

  • Zero configuration on Windows. Just unpack one archive and work.
  • REPL for Lisp and Tcl with history
  • Completion, find source, apropos for Lisp
  • Hyperdoc lookup for lisp
  • Limited completion, find source, apropos for Tcl
  • Find in files
  • Debugger, Stepper, Inspector from SWANK
  • Multi-tabbed Editor with lisp syntax highlight, autoindent, lisp forms navigation
  • Compile lisp from IDE, compilation error browser with "jump to source"
  • List definitions in a file for Lisp and Tcl (very primitive version)
  • List of threads

Installation and startup

You can find an archive for windows in downloads area. Unpack the archive to c:\clcon_en and run c:\clcon_en\bin\util\clcon-server-and-client.cmd . Startup is not fast because it builds itself on the first start. It would start much faster if delivered as an image, but it is not done yet.

Only some of toplevel menus are translated to English in this demo. You can watch the video about this distribution here

For Linux, sorry, no described installation procedure. Basically, you need to download archive, install tcl/tk, some libs - a bit involved.


Something is in sources (you can watch them online in the repo)


MIT (or BSD) license (see tkcon's copyright)