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Fix for dSYM removal code:

The newest greatest and finest py2app from SVN has two bugs for which I'm supplying a patch:
* it uses shutils, which it does not import
* the dSYM removal function really does delete given files, but the list of files to strip isn't updated, which fails on trying to strip an non-existing file

Patch by Cezary Krzyżanowski

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 import zipfile
 import plistlib
 import shlex
+import shutil
 from cStringIO import StringIO
 from setuptools import Command
                 platfiles =
                 if self.strip:
-                    self.strip_dsym()
+                    platfiles = self.strip_dsym(platfiles)
                     copy_file(pth, os.path.join(target_dir, fname))
-    def strip_dsym(self):
+    def strip_dsym(self, platfiles):
         """ Remove .dSYM directories in the bundled application """
         # should be completely removed when the "strip" option is specified.
         if self.dry_run:
-            return
+            return platfiles
         for dirpath, dnames, fnames in os.walk(self.appdir):
             for nm in list(dnames):
                 if nm.endswith('.dSYM'):
                     print "removing debug info: %s/%s"%(dirpath, nm)
                     shutil.rmtree(os.path.join(dirpath, nm))
+        return [file for file in platfiles if '.dSYM' not in file]
     def strip_files(self, files):
         unstripped = 0L