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Fix issue with locating the stub executable when
* Ensure the readme is valid ReST.
The stub executables didn't get included in the
Minor bugfixes and tweaks
Initial python3 support.
Fix issue in matplotlib recipe as mentioned
* Add maintainer info to that points to me
fix typo
Fix for 'py2app -A' on 64-bit builds of python.
Add support for alternatively named python frameworks
Set py2app.__version__ using pkg_resources, that ensures that the version
Update version number to 0.4.4
Two small bugfixes
- Fix issue caused by a bad format string, which was introduced
update dependencies
Not sure if this is a good spot for py2app patches, if not please let me know.
Fix for dSYM removal code:
* No longer require a 'version.plist' inside the python framework
small bugfixes
Add a module that implements a simple indirect
Add preboot script that redirects the pkg_resources
Remove NibClassBuilder usage
remove dependency on bdist_mpkg
Rewrite the conversion function support, making it a
Add initial support for automaticly compiling .xib files
Add a recipe that allow building applications
typo fix, bug report on the pythonmac-sig mailinglist
bad version number
Explicitly depend on the development version of modulegraph, as there is
- Forcefully build .app and bundle template executables as 32-bit universal
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