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Fix encoding errors due to patch broken by mailer
Sync with the version in Leopard. The news section for this: Features: - Support for CoreData mapping models (introduced in Mac OS X 10.5) - Support for python packages that are stored in zipfiles (such as ``zip_safe`` python eggs). Bug fixes: - Fix incorrect symlink target creation with an alias bundle that has included frameworks. - Stuffit tends to extract archives recursively, which results in unzipped code archives inside py2app-created bundles.…
A new recipe for PyQt, donated by Kevin Walzer
update svn:ignore to ignore build artifacts
patch to allow app and plugin from options
bundletemplate universal fix?
possible fix for bitpim
patch from ian
py2app 0.3.6
py2app 0.3.6
Needed because the email package in 2.5 contains a number of imports that don't use an import statement.
Probable fix for the 'haxie' problem: objc_msgSend -> xobjc_msgSend (and several other renames). Also make most symbols "static".
remove sip support
This patchs makes sure that a custom icon file will actually end up in the output bundle.
bump versions
update NEWS for 0.3.5
Make sure the right python path is used for plugins.
Fix info.plist template for plugin bundles
disable_linecache issue
version bump to 0.3.5
version bump to 0.3.4
kill out of data TODO
update NEWS
remove incorrect documentation
twiddle embedded interpreter example
bugfix argv_emulation
use hyphens to refer to options
fix literal
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