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Fix issue in matplotlib recipe as mentioned
on pythonmac-sig list.

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   python interpreter in a virtualenv environment.
 Bug fixes:
+- Fix recipe for matplotlib: that recipe caused an exception with
+  current versions of matplotlib and pytz.
 - Use modern API's in the alias-build bootstrap code, without
   this 'py2app -A' will result in broken bundles on a 64-bit build
   of Python. 

File py2app/recipes/

     m = mf.findNode('matplotlib')
     if m is None or m.filename is None:
         return None
-    mf.import_hook('pytz.zoneinfo', m, ['UTC'])
+    # XXX: unclear why this is needed and according
+    # to mail on pythonmac-sig this breaks with
+    # current versions of matplatlib and pytz.
+    #mf.import_hook('pytz.zoneinfo', m, ['UTC'])
     return dict(
         packages = ['matplotlib']