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### III export

A command line script to export MARC records from a III Integrated Library

Run as: 
python iiiexport.py --settings /path/to/setting.py --test

### Requirements
 - Telnet/SSH access to a III system.  Usually: ssh user@iiilibrary.org 
 - An FTP target.  III only supports FTP (no SFTP). 
 - [Pexpect](http://www.noah.org/wiki/pexpect)
 - A Linux or Unix operating system.  If you only have access to a Windows
 machine, try 
[Virtual Box](http://www.virtualbox.org/) with [Ubuntu Server](http://www.ubuntu.com/business/get-ubuntu/download).

### Notes/disclaimer
It's likely that this code will have to be tweaked to work with your 
system.  Since there is no API for this functionality in the III system,
this code relies on automating what was intended to be a human interface.
Menu items are likely to be different across installations.  

The code relies on 'expect'ing a prompt and sending a message after 
receiving the prompt.  Look for code statements like the following.
The first line is the expected prompt and the second is the command
to send to the III system: 

`child.expect('Choose one \(Q,R\)')`