"Don't fidget with widgets - draw!"

This archive contains the "ezd" graphics program by Joel Bartlett.
The sources are not easy to obtain, and several versions of the code
(not necessarily complete) are floating around the internet. As a
service to others who would like to use this wonderful little graphics
server I have put together what I could find, including a snapshot of
the "Scheme->C" compiler. For a more recent version of the latter,
look here:

Note that Scheme->C needs the libsigsegv package. 

The "" script will extract the archives, build Scheme->C and
the build ezd for Linux. The final executable can then be moved into
some suitable location, no other files need to be installed. Porting
ezd to other UNIXish systems shouldn't be too hard.

I do not maintain this software, I'm just packaging it (sort of).
If you find it useful and would like to drop me a note, or if you
find a bug and can provide a fix, please contact me at


Felix L. Winkelmann