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-The File::Tail module is designed for reading files which are continously
-appended to (the name comes from the tail -f directive). Usualy such files are
-logfiles of some description.
-The module tries hard not to busy wait on the file, dynamicaly calcultaing 
-how long it should wait before it pays to try reading the file again.
+Read the module's POD for documentation.
+See the tests in "t" directory for examples.
-The module should handle normal log truncations ("close; move; open"
-or "cat /dev/null >file") transparently, without losing any input.
-Currently this package requires Time::HiRes, because it often needs to sleep
-for less than one second. (I don't beleive one should busy wait on a file
-just because it gets more than one line/second).
+Just use the cpan shell to install this module. From a command prompt, type:
-The file logwatch is a simple example of use. Try it with 
-./logwatch /var/log/syslog 1 if you want to see how File::Tail works.
+    cpan
-This version now returns a tied filehandle, but it can also be used as 
-a normal object.
-A feature added in 0.81 is tail -n functionality: you can demand to read the 
-last n lines, reading from the current end of file, or reading from the start
-of file.
+    perl -MCPAN -e shell
-Select was added in version 0.90. It allows you to simoultaneously read from
-several File::Tail objects at the same time, while also reading from pipes.
-This is a new implementation, so if you notice any bugs, please let me know.
-Version 0.90 had a bug in "select" which caused it to sometimes overlook
-input waiting on ordinary files until there was input on tailed files.
-NOTE: Select functionality is currently experimental. Consider this a public 
-beta. If you notice any new problems, let me know. I will also entertain 
-suggestions for changes in the select interface - but only until I release
-the next version.
+to enter the cpan shell. And then enter:
-To build this module, enter
-perl Makefile.PL
-make test
-make install
+   install File::Tailx
-If you have any problems, contact me at matija.grabnar@arnes.si
+If you don't have the cpan shell available, then you have a broken perl
-Copyright (c) 1997,1998,1999 Matija Grabnar. 
-All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can
-redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. 
+perl >= 5.5.3
+This module started as a refactored version of File::Tail.
+   File::Tail is copyright Matija Grabnar <matija.grabnar@arnes.si>.
+   All rights reserved.
+See the LICENSE file bundled with this distribution.