CPAN-MP3-M3U-Parser / t / 04-basic_xml.t

#!/usr/bin/env perl -w
use strict;
use warnings;
use Test::More qw(no_plan);
use File::Spec;
use MP3::M3U::Parser;

my $file = '04_basic_xml.xml';

unlink $file if -e $file;

my $parser = MP3::M3U::Parser->new(
                -parse_path => 'asis',
                -seconds    => 'format',
                -search     => q{},
                -overwrite  => 1,
                -encoding   => 'ISO-8859-9',
                -expformat  => 'xml',

is(ref $parser, 'MP3::M3U::Parser', 'Parser' );

is( $parser,
    $parser->parse( File::Spec->catfile( qw/ t data test.m3u / ) ),

my $result = $parser->result;
is(ref $result, 'ARRAY', 'Parser');

is( $parser, $parser->export(-file => $file ), 'Parser');

my %info = $parser->info;
is( ref $info{drive}, 'ARRAY', 'Parser' );

is( $parser, $parser->reset, 'Parser' );
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