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Fix regex

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 Revision history for Perl extension Parse::HTTP::UserAgent
+0.33 Tue Nov 15 05:22:15 2011
+   => Fix version warning regex.
 0.32 Sun Nov  6 00:55:40 2011
    => Internal cleanup.
    => Fixed RT#72159 (Arsen Shirokov).


 use warnings;
 use vars qw( $VERSION );
-$VERSION = '0.32';
+$VERSION = '0.33';
 use base qw(


 use constant RE_DIGIT_DOT_DIGIT  => qr{\d+[.]?\d}xms;
 use constant RE_WARN_OVERFLOW => qr{\QInteger overflow in version\E}xms;
-use constant RE_WARN_INVALID  => qr{\QVersion string .+? contains invalid data; ignoring:\E}xms;
+use constant RE_WARN_INVALID  => qr{\QVersion string\E .+? \Qcontains invalid data; ignoring:\E}xms;
 use constant ERROR_MAXTHON_VERSION  => 'Unable to extract Maxthon version from Maxthon UA-string';
 use constant ERROR_MAXTHON_MSIE     => 'Unable to extract MSIE from Maxthon UA-string';
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