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 Revision history for Perl extension Sys::Info::Driver::OSX.
+0.795 Mon May 16 04:09:54 2011
+    => Swap support.
 0.794 Thu May 12 05:48:29 2011
     => Implement install date.
     => Improve sysctl parsers.


 use Capture::Tiny qw( capture );
 use Carp          qw( croak   );
-our $VERSION = '0.794';
+our $VERSION = '0.795';
 our @EXPORT  = qw(


     $info{system_dir}                = undef;
     $info{system_manufacturer}       = 'Apple Inc.';
-    $info{system_model}              = undef;
+    $info{system_model}              = undef; # iMac/MacBook ???
     $info{system_type}               = sprintf '%s based Computer', $arch;
     $info{page_file_path}            = $swap{path};
 sub domain_name { }
 sub fs {
+    # TODO
     my $self = shift;
     return unimplemented => 1;
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