CPAN-Text-Template-Simple / TODO

* Interpolated includes can not be used with monolith. It does not seem to be
  possible to use shared variables in interpolated includes. An error message
  is returned instead at the moment. Options:
     o Remove monolith from the API
     o Leave it as-is. i.e.: an error message will be returned
     o Find a new way to implement interpolated includes (if possible at all!).
* Implement a way to find out the name of the top level file which included the
* Fix line numbering. It's probably badly broken (chomp, code/comment blocks, etc.)
    o Implement a unit test related to this.
* A more flexible BLOCK implementation. Which:
    o Can have code in it
    o Can be used later (like a function)
* Map file path to digest hash to prevent re-reads upon cache hits
* Test if some parts can use do {} instead of sub{} for capture.
* ***LOW*** Partial output instead of collecting everything at once? Not sure if possible at all.
* ***LOW*** Consider trying PPI. Resume?
* ***LOW*** Implement TTS plugins for major frameworks.