CPAN-Text-Template-Simple / .hgtags

2943db4ac1fb8fbf5c85efd29530895a9572c78b v0.62_14
6f536bd76a2834993164d4fea1efe1d2bc362408 v0.62_15
f59601a21e47b099860a4761436f305f2b7db713 v0.62_16
7869a85f43c5d2f5fba4c850e9a53bfecd4fc02b v0.62_17
7bb498fd588b4c27a2379865191f08245a47cbfb v0.62_18
d975641de7723bbf39994f80800d52aee0743aa6 v0.70
78e8e6a00033f151ef2f2d5f40d13a50e08f7022 v0.79_01
db9ce62027af31e8023717c6c2e35591cd7d6741 v0.79_02
fe9fbec5cab6782dc9ded5ae7c993f1834a2f7f1 v0.79_03
5e6e9b121d1999a05e55bb7a4a4145b3d7c2969d v0.79_04
8817927396887cf07f90314206c5d16e27776129 v0.79_05
0413d6e202bd847023de5293453b7a9690a7161f v079_07
0413d6e202bd847023de5293453b7a9690a7161f v079_07
0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 v079_07
cd5e486383d7c6ec9e94b00f552023b67fb21702 v0.79_07
69108049b0ff6e29731380886d0a1d85d341b8cf v0.79_08
1547bbb0d8c2613a1352b51848480d9858e0bc45 v0.80
1adc3dd1b7c1e74eaaa07897a927d193704a49cf v0.84
fa1c22720c58f9d07c43138fd8c4367066ea5b55 v0.85
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