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Burak Gürsoy - Build tools

This repository includes tools to build a CPAN distribution from a CPAN-*
repository of Burak Gürsoy. You can not build a CPAN distribution out of
other repositories without the help of this repository.

To get this repo and the rest of Burak Gürsoy' s repositories, first install
these modules:


You'll also need to have Mercurial installed:

Then choose where to install the repositores (it can be ~/bgrepos).
Open a terminal (or dosbox) and cd to that directory.
Issue this command:

Under Windows:
    perl -MLWP::Simple=get -e "print get q{}" | perl

Under Linux/Unix:

    perl -MLWP::Simple=get -e 'print get q{}' | perl

(if you have trouble executing these, then download manually and
execute: `perl`)

This'll clone all repositories properly. Then set this environment variable
to point to the base directory (eg: ~/bgrepos):


You can now build modules by executing ``.


The contents of this repository:
================================ - Bootstrapper and repo cloner. - Distro builder builder.
builder/.perlcriticrc - All repos use this as the Perl::Critic policy.
builder/builder/ - The distro builder (merged to all distros).
builder/builder/Build/ - Configuration manager (merged to all distros).
builder/t/* - The directory contents will be merged into the distro.

What builder does

The Build & Build::Spec modules handle the build & install process. The CPAN
code repos only includes a Build.PL & SPEC files. SPEC is read by Build::Spec
which is loaded by Build which in turn bootstrapped via Build.PL or Makefile.PL
(automatically generated in the build process).