An iBeacon Enhanced Garage Door Opener with IOS, Arduino, and an Estimote iBeacon.

What is it?

Some time back, the button on the wall in my garage broke. I took the button down, exposing the wires, and just crossed them to close the circuit when I wanted to open or close my garage door without using the wireless remote.

Eventually, I made a new circuit with a new button (and LED) to recreate the one that was broken. But that was not cool enough, so I grabbed an Arduino Uno, an Ethernet Shield, Xcode, and went to work. I created a web-server to run on the Arduino and then created an IOS app to consume the web-server.

Then came IOS and iBeacons. With an Estimote developer kit in hand, I modified the IOS app to detect entering and exiting the beacon region and post local notifications to the device reminding me that I needed to open or close my garage door.

Someone asked about this very concept a few weeks back on Twitter. This code and the corresponding video show how I did it and how you can too.

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Okay, so how do I use it?

  • Connect the Arduino and Ethernet Shield
  • Prepare the circuit based on the supplied Fritzing (circuit) diagram
  • Download the Arduino Sketch and upload it to an Arduino
  • Download the IOS code, build, and run
  • Configure the iBeacon to use the proximityUUID, major, and minor as specified in the IOS app
  • Have fun

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