WP-Members™ is a free membership management framework for WordPress® that restricts content to registered users.


This is the development repository for the WP-Members plugin for WordPress.

Usage Information

Keep in mind that the branch here is a development branch, so it should be tested prior to loading to a production site. Although every effort is made to only load stable updates to this repo, this may not necessarily be production ready and some features may be subject to change prior to release.

If you need a production ready version of the plugin, use the version hosted here:

Bug Reporting and Pull Requests

I do accept pull requests. However, I have a pretty strict standard on what goes into the production version of the plugin. So please make sure that your pull request actually makes sense and is a proper pull request. Also make sure that your code follows WP's code standards for both PHP and inline documentation.

Make sure any bug reports are actually bugs. A bug is something broken. A bug is not a feature that you wish to operate differently than it currently does in the plugin. Unfortunately, I get a lot of bug reports that are essentially feature requests or a user's inability to follow setup instructions. I wish I didn't have to say that, but I do.

Feature Requests

I am open to feature requests. However, I have a roadmap in place for the plugin so it ultimately needs to make sense for that. Also, I follow Matt Mullenweg's vision for options in WordPress, which essentially boils down to the fact that too many options make the interface more confusing. So something that is better handled as a customization (through actions and filters) will likely be addressed that way (as it should be) rather than being incorporated into the plugin. But if your idea is a good one, don't hold it back because you're not sure. All I'm saying is don't have hurt feelings if I see it differently.