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Various fixes

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 	[self addCursorRect:[self bounds] cursor:[NSCursor pointingHandCursor]];
+- (void)dealloc
+	[urlString release];
+	[super dealloc];


 		<object class="NSMutableArray" key="IBDocument.RootObjects" id="110858478">
 			<bool key="EncodedWithXMLCoder">YES</bool>
 			<object class="NSCustomObject" id="762632889">
-				<string key="NSClassName">IBInspector</string>
+				<string key="NSClassName">BWHyperlinkButtonInspector</string>
 			<object class="NSCustomObject" id="932410077">
 				<string key="NSClassName">FirstResponder</string>
 			<object class="NSMutableArray" key="referencedPartialClassDescriptions">
 				<bool key="EncodedWithXMLCoder">YES</bool>
 				<object class="IBPartialClassDescription">
+					<string key="className">BWHyperlinkButtonInspector</string>
+					<string key="superclassName">IBInspector</string>
+					<object class="IBClassDescriptionSource" key="sourceIdentifier">
+						<string key="majorKey">IBProjectSource</string>
+						<string key="minorKey">BWHyperlinkButtonInspector.h</string>
+					</object>
+				</object>
+				<object class="IBPartialClassDescription">
 					<string key="className">NSView</string>
 					<object class="IBClassDescriptionSource" key="sourceIdentifier">
 						<string key="majorKey">IBProjectSource</string>


 - (NSString *)identifierAtIndex:(int)index
 	NSToolbarItem *item;
-	NSString *newIdentifier;
+	NSString *newIdentifier = nil;
 	if ([[self editableToolbar] items].count > 1)
 		item = [[[self editableToolbar] items] objectAtIndex:index];
 		[helper setOldWindowTitle:[[self parentOfObject:self] title]];
 		// Change the window title to the name of the active tab
-		NSToolbarItem *selectedItem;
+		NSToolbarItem *selectedItem = nil;
 		for (NSToolbarItem *item in [[self editableToolbar] items])
 			if ([[item itemIdentifier] isEqualToString:[[self editableToolbar] selectedItemIdentifier]])


 				buttonRect = NSMakeRect(0, y, self.bounds.size.width, self.bounds.size.height - y);
-		NSButton *subviewButton = [[NSButton alloc] initWithFrame:buttonRect];
-		[subviewButton setCell:[[BWSplitViewInspectorAutosizingButtonCell alloc] initTextCell:@""]];
+		NSButton *subviewButton = [[[NSButton alloc] initWithFrame:buttonRect] autorelease];
+		[subviewButton setCell:[[[BWSplitViewInspectorAutosizingButtonCell alloc] initTextCell:@""] autorelease]];
 		[subviewButton setTarget:self];
 		[subviewButton setAction:@selector(updateValues:)];
 		[subviewButton setTag:i];
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