BWToolkit / BWGradientBox.m

Diff from to


 @synthesize fillStartingColor, fillEndingColor, fillColor, topBorderColor, bottomBorderColor;
 @synthesize topInsetAlpha, bottomInsetAlpha;
-@synthesize hasTopBorder, hasBottomBorder, hasGradient;
+@synthesize hasTopBorder, hasBottomBorder, hasGradient, hasFillColor;
 - (id)initWithCoder:(NSCoder *)decoder
 		[self setHasTopBorder:[decoder decodeBoolForKey:@"BWGBHasTopBorder"]];
 		[self setHasBottomBorder:[decoder decodeBoolForKey:@"BWGBHasBottomBorder"]];
 		[self setHasGradient:[decoder decodeBoolForKey:@"BWGBHasGradient"]];
+		[self setHasFillColor:[decoder decodeBoolForKey:@"BWGBHasFillColor"]];
 		[self setTopInsetAlpha:[decoder decodeFloatForKey:@"BWGBTopInsetAlpha"]];
 		[self setBottomInsetAlpha:[decoder decodeFloatForKey:@"BWGBBottomInsetAlpha"]];
 	[coder encodeBool:[self hasTopBorder] forKey:@"BWGBHasTopBorder"];
 	[coder encodeBool:[self hasBottomBorder] forKey:@"BWGBHasBottomBorder"];
 	[coder encodeBool:[self hasGradient] forKey:@"BWGBHasGradient"];
+	[coder encodeBool:[self hasFillColor] forKey:@"BWGBHasFillColor"];
 	[coder encodeFloat:[self topInsetAlpha] forKey:@"BWGBTopInsetAlpha"];
 	[coder encodeFloat:[self bottomInsetAlpha] forKey:@"BWGBBottomInsetAlpha"];
-		[fillColor set];
-		NSRectFillUsingOperation(self.bounds, NSCompositeSourceOver);
+		if (hasFillColor)
+		{
+			[fillColor set];
+			NSRectFillUsingOperation(self.bounds, NSCompositeSourceOver);	
+		}
 	if (hasTopBorder)
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