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File BWSelectableToolbar.m

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 	if ([[helper contentViewsByIdentifier] objectForKey:newIdentifier] == nil) // If we haven't stored the content view in our dictionary. i.e. this is a new tab
 		// Resize the window
-		[[[self editableToolbar] _window] resizeToSize:[helper initialIBWindowSize] animate:shouldAnimate];	
+		[[[self editableToolbar] _window] bwResizeToSize:[helper initialIBWindowSize] animate:shouldAnimate];	
 		// Record the new tab content view and window size
 		if (inIB)
 		// Resize the window
 		NSSize windowSize = [[[helper windowSizesByIdentifier] objectForKey:newIdentifier] sizeValue];
-		[[[self editableToolbar] _window] resizeToSize:windowSize animate:shouldAnimate];
+		[[[self editableToolbar] _window] bwResizeToSize:windowSize animate:shouldAnimate];
 		NSArray *newSubviews = [[[[[helper contentViewsByIdentifier] objectForKey:newIdentifier] subviews] copy] autorelease];