Can't have two selectable toolbars in Interface Builder

Issue #68 resolved
Jacob Carlborg
created an issue

If I have two windows with a selectable toolbar on each the last created takes precedence over the first one. This results in when I select the first toolbar and tries to change the active tab it changes the active tab in the second toolbar. Also the list of active tabs for the first toolbar contains the items of the second one.

This will also result in new views are added to the first window every time you change the active tab, whether you have chosen that tab before.

Steps to reproduce:

Create a new application in Interface Builder

Add a selectable toolbar to the window

Change the name of one of toolbar items

Create a new window

Add a selectable toolbar to the second window

Select the toolbar in the first window and try to select the active bar (the active bar of the second window will change, also note what's in the list).

Mac OS X 10.5.7, Interface Builder Version 3.1.2 (677)

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