Q: What is elf-h-compat?
A: This package provides a compatibility elf.h include file on systems that
   have no elf.h. The file is designed to be installed in the standard include
   path of the compiler, usually /usr/include/elf.h.

Q: Why is the package needed?
A: The elf.h is needed to compile some Linux system programs, especially the
   Linux kernel and module-init-tools that are designed to be always compiled
   in an Linux environment. However, it is perfectly possible to compile
   this programs on other operating systems such as Mac OS with a Linux cross

Q: Why not using libelf or something?
A: Because only a few definitions are needed, nothing more. Furthermore, the
   exact syntax of the definitions of libelf is incompatible and libelf doesn't
   provide elf.h.

Q: This package is a nightmare to mainain...
A: No, because ELF is standardized and doesn't change every month.

Q: How do I install the package?
A: Execute ./configure && make && su -c "make install" just as usual. You can
   use a --prefix if /usr/local/include is the wrong prefix.

Q: What does the package?
A: The configure script checks for an existing elf.h file. If it's present, it
   does nothing. Else it installs its own copy. So you can safely include the
   package in your embedded Linux build system for all platforms, it doesn't
   harm on Linux.

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