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Issue #6 new

Get rid of post commit method pop-up

Mark Mikofski
repo owner created an issue

Current feature: After selecting issues and clicking commit, a window pops up with post-commit options, but there are no post-commit options, so this window is annoying and unnecessary. This window is a holdover from ExampleCsPlugin from the tortoisesvn contrib folder issue-tracker-plugins, and is not needed for TurtleSift. It should be removed.

Desired feature: Hit commit, and the commit window executes normally as if TurtleSift were not even there. The only noticeable intrusions are the welcomed addition of the MyIssueForm and the nicely formatted log message and links to Sifter if bugtraq properties are set correctly.

Comments (2)

  1. Mark Mikofski reporter

    this box might be useful to provide links to the revision and sifter issues. it could provide links to the issues, so user could copy revision link, then click on each issue link and paste link-to-revision into sifter.

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