Ronny Pfannschmidt committed 2e610d3

kill remainders of expecttest in pypy

also fixme notes for defered fixes to the expecttest plugin

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             if name.startswith('AppTest'):
                 from pypy.tool.pytest.apptest import AppClassCollector
                 return AppClassCollector(name, parent=self)
-            elif name.startswith('ExpectTest'):
-                if self.config.option.rundirect:
-                    return py.test.collect.Class(name, parent=self)
-                from pypy.tool.pytest.expecttest import ExpectClassCollector
-                return ExpectClassCollector(name, parent=self)
-            # XXX todo
-            #elif name.startswith('AppExpectTest'):
-            #    if option.rundirect:
-            #        return AppClassCollector(name, parent=self)
-            #    return AppExpectClassCollector(name, parent=self)
                 from pypy.tool.pytest.inttest import IntClassCollector
                 return IntClassCollector(name, parent=self)


         except ImportError:
             py.test.skip("pexpect not found")
 def pytest_pycollect_makeitem(collector, name, obj):
     if py.std.inspect.isclass(obj) and name.startswith('ExpectTest'):
+        #XXX: in conftest we had a rundirect option
+        #XXX: kill expecttest for a more explicit way
         return ExpectClassCollector(name, parent=collector)