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# LessVibrantTweak 
## Dark ColorScheme for IntelliJ Platform (IDEA/RubyMine/PyCharms/etc) inspired by TextMate


* Brendan W. McAdams <bwmcadams@evilmonkeylabs.com>
* Derived from [LessVibrantInk][LessVibrantInk] from [Factory Labs @ GitHub][FactoryLabs]

## About

I've adjusted the [LessVibrantInk][LessVibrantInk] theme for some personal preferences, and specifically adding Scala support.  A few things
to note in Scala support is that I yellow-wavyline under any MUTABLE variables (var) as a warning of "are you sure you want to be mutable?".

A few other tweaks have been made to improve visibility.

## Font Setting

Although I tend to prefer Consolas for coding, for some reason IDEA on Linux no matter what I do renders it as an unreadable mess.

[Envy Code R Programming Font][EnvyCodeR] is a fantastic font though which works great under IDEA on Linux, and it's the default set in this theme.  

However, at this time while [Envy Code R Programming Font][EnvyCodeR] is free, it does not allow redistribution outside of his site.  To that end, if you'd like to try it
please grab it from the vendor's site directly.

## Usage

Drop this in your IntelliJ settings directory (on Linux for IDEA it's ~/.IntelliJIdea9, on mac/ windows it's elsewhere) under config/colors, 
then in settings -> editor -> colors & fonts select "LessVibrantTweaked"

   [LessVibrantInk]:  http://github.com/factorylabs/ruby-mine-settings/blob/master/colors/LessVibrantInk.xml "LessVibrantInk"

   [FactoryLabs]: http://github.com/factorylabs/ "Factory Labs @ GitHub"

   [EnvyCodeR]: http://damieng.com/blog/2008/05/26/envy-code-r-preview-7-coding-font-released "Envy Code R Font"

### Licensing

You may use this theme for whatever purposes you like, with no restrictions, licensing or anything else, but please obey the rights and restrictions
of the authors including the original creator of [LessVibrantInk][LessVibrantInk].