python-fu-divide-layer /

bworkman 74772ca 

#!/usr/bin/env python

# Save or export the current image -- do the right thing whether it's
# XCF (save) or any other format (export). This will mark the image clean,
# so GIMP won't warn you when you exit.
# Warning: this does not show a lot of extra dialogs, etc. or warn you
# if you're about to overwrite something! Use with caution.

# Copyright 2012 by Akkana Peck,
# You may use and distribute this plug-in under the terms of the GPL v2
# or, at your option, any later GPL version.

from gimpfu import *
import gtk
import os
import collections
import ctypes

def slice_layer(img, drawable, width, height) :

        MessageBox = ctypes.windll.user32.MessageBoxA

        for i in range(img.width / width + 1):
                for j in range(img.height / height + 1):
                        MessageBox(None, 'Slice (' + str(i) + ',' + str(j) + ')', 'Window title', 0)

        return None

        "<help text>",
        #menu path
        #image types
                #(type, name, description, default [, extra])
            #(PF_IMAGE, "image", "Input image", None),
            #(PF_DRAWABLE, "drawable", "Input drawable", None),
            (PF_INT, "width", "px slice width", None),
            (PF_INT, "height", "pc slice height", None),

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