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Create a padded version of the disc number

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     TRACKS=$(icedax dev=${DEVICE} -J -H -v toc -g 2>&1 | grep '^T[[:digit:]]\+' | grep -v data | wc -l)
     icedax dev=${DEVICE} -H -t "1+${TRACKS}" -Owav audio &>/dev/null
     echo "done"
+    PRETTYDISC=$(printf "%02d" "${DISC}")
     echo -n "Encoding disc ${DISC}..."
-    oggenc -a "${AUTHOR}" -l "${TITLE}" -t "disc ${DISC}" -N "${DISC}" -o "${TITLE} - disc ${DISC}.ogg" audio.wav
+    oggenc -a "${AUTHOR}" -l "${TITLE}" -t "disc ${PRETTYDISC}" -N "${DISC}" -o "${TITLE} - disc ${PRETTYDISC}.ogg" audio.wav
     rm -f audio.wav
     echo "done"
     eject ${DEVICE}