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Handle Sunday files for

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 class UcomicsStrip(object):
     _HOME_PAGE = ''
-    _STRIP_URL = ''
+    _STRIP_URL = ''
     def __init__(self, strip, identifier, code):
         self.logger = logging.getLogger('comicbox.ucomics.%s' % (strip))
         return self._HOME_PAGE % (self.identifier)
     def strip_url(self, date):
-        return self._STRIP_URL % (self.code, date.strftime('%Y'), 
-                                  self.code, date.strftime('%y%m%d'))
+        # Sunday's image is delivered as a jpg
+        if date.weekday() == 6:
+            extension = 'jpg'
+        else:
+            extension = 'gif'
+        return self._STRIP_URL % (self.code, date.strftime('%Y'),
+                                  self.code, date.strftime('%y%m%d'),
+                                  extension)
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