Byron Clark avatar Byron Clark committed f31dcf7

Finish removing unused applications.

The specialty script snippets for setting up these applications are no
longer needed.

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 popd &>/dev/null
-echo "installing awesome configuration..."
-rm -f "${HOME}/.config/awesome"
-[ -d "${HOME}/.config" ] || mkdir -p "${HOME}/.config"
-ln -sf "$(${READLINK} -f awesome)" "${HOME}/.config/awesome"
 echo "installing virtualenv configuration..."
 [ -d "${VIRTUALENVDIR}" ] || mkdir -p "${VIRTUALENVDIR}"
 popd &>/dev/null
-echo "installing pentadactyl plugins..."
-rm -f "${HOME}/.pentadactyl/plugins"
-[ -d "${HOME}/.pentadactyl" ] || mkdir -p "${HOME}/.pentadactyl"
-ln -sf "$(${READLINK} -f pentadactyl/plugins)" "${HOME}/.pentadactyl/plugins"
 echo "additional configuration..."
 for CONFIGSCRIPT in update.d/*; do
     echo " * ${CONFIGSCRIPT##update.d/}"


-[ -d ~/.mutt/temp ] || mkdir -p ~/.mutt/temp
-[ -d ~/.mutt/cache ] || mkdir -p ~/.mutt/cache
-[ -d ~/.mutt/cache/headers ] || mkdir -p ~/.mutt/cache/headers
-[ -d ~/.mutt/cache/bodies ] || mkdir -p ~/.mutt/cache/bodies
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