Thomas Gläßle avatar Thomas Gläßle committed 27b658c

Handle passwort_prompt=None more canonically

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     def __init__(self, bus, filter_file=None, prompt=None):
         self.log = logging.getLogger('udiskie.mount.Mounter')
         self.bus = bus
+        self.prompt = prompt
         if not filter_file:
             filter_file = os.path.join(xdg_config_home, self.CONFIG_PATH)
         self.filters = udiskie.match.FilterMatcher((filter_file,))
-        if not prompt:
-            self.prompt = lambda text, title: None
-        else:
-            self.prompt = prompt
     def mount_device(self, device):
         Mount the device if not already mounted.
             return False
         # prompt user for password
-        password = self.prompt(
+        password = self.prompt and self.prompt(
                 'Enter password for %s:' % (device,),
                 'Unlock encrypted device')
         if password is None:
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