Option to not mount certain devices (esp. those in fstab / already mounted)

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It would be less annoying if udiskie featured both a blacklist and a general option that causes it to check whether the partition is already mounted before adding another mount point for it.

For instance, I have several "nofail" entries in fstab that ought to be mounted automatically even without udiskie. Yet it doesn't care for that and continues to merrily create new points with ever more "_" appended to the name.

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  1. Anonymous

    Correction: Version ought to be 0.4.0, of course.

    A proper solution to this would probably include udiskie to recycle unused (due to separate umount'ing, etc.) mount points with the same name as the partition to be mounted.

  2. Anonymous

    Apologies for the somewhat impertinent tone of my [this] issue report.

    I do appreciate udiskie's handiness and thank you for your work.

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