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udiskie - automatic disk mounting service using udisks

'udiskie' [options]

'udiskie-umount' [options|path]

*udiskie* uses udisks to automatically mount removable media, such as CDs and flash drives. It will mount the media in a new directory under \'+/media+', using the device name if available. It is lightweight and runs as a daemon.

*-h, \--help*::
	Show help message and exit

*-v, \--verbose*::
	Verbose output

*-a, \--all*::
	Unmount all devices (only for *udiskie-umount*)

Example Usage[[EU]]
Start *udiskie* in '~/.xinitrc':

	udiskie &

Unmount media:

	udiskie-umount "/media/DEVICE NAME"

See Also

Byron Clark <byron@theclarkfamily.name>
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