This is my version of a music package for 4k java games. The synth
is about 800 bytes compressed with a song of 10 patterns.


To setup the number of pattern and tracks to use, please edit TinySynthConfig
and TinySynthPlayer. Most things are defined as constants in those two files.


F1			Play a song from the start
F2			Stop playback
F3			Play from current sequence
F5			Load a song
F6			Save a song (save often, the tracker is not stable)

TAB		Switch between sequence, pattern and instrument edit
SPACE		Off note
bksp		Delete note and step +1
delete	Delete note
A-Z		Set notes

Alt+arrow keys will always affect the sequence editor.
Ctrl+arrow keys changes the values in the sequence editor and instrument editor.
If shift is pressed, larger steps will be taken in the value.

When a song is saved, a file with the extension .java is also saved. It contains
the song as java code in unicode format. Please paste the contents of that file
into the bottom of to play the song.

It's very important to understand that the instrument transpose is in base 16.
Which means that to shift one octave you enter 16, two octaves 32. This also
means that 12,13,14,15 is not used and will cause the player to crash.

File Format

It's a very simple file format. First comes all the sequences, then all
instruments and lastly all patterns. Take a look at or for example code of how to read the data.