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ByteGUI is currently in alpha
It has basic functionality, but some features may be missing or incomplete. Bugs are expected


ByteGUI is a full featured library for building user interfaces. It's written in Java and at its base is Slick2D. It has a number of pre-built controls and allows extensive customization through callbacks and effects. It's visually customization with theme support.

ByteGUI Features

  • Standard controls built in. All the controls you expect from a GUI. Including: buttons, labels, lists, drop down menus, tool tips and more. Also includes less common controls like radial menus and breadcrumb lists.
  • Attach any number of effects to any element. Effects are alterations to a elements visual appearance. With effects you can make elements pop out from off screen, fade in/out, move from one place on screen to another, rotate and more. Effects can be activated by a number of conditions, from mousing over an element to pressing a key to a timer finishing.
  • Add your own callbacks. ByteGUI supports both reflection for finding public methods in your code, or passing hard coded callbacks for more reliable performance (very useful if you plan on obfuscating your code). Callbacks can be activated by a number of conditions.
  • Easy to integrate with both 2D and 3D games or applications, ByteGUI makes it easy to "drop in" and easily add a GUI to your existing application.
  • Theme support. To ensure that your GUI is unique and matches the style of your application.