PROTEIN - PROTEct your INformation


This script is an actively monitoring for files in a repository to search for known or unknown ransomware. PROTEIN captures the action of creation new files, analyzing them and determining whether they are valid or not for the corporation. PROTEIN Identifies known files (whitelist), potential threats (blacklist) likewise unknown files for further processing. PROTEIN logs every creation action on files on your server. Possibility to email alerts to an administrator when a new ransomware is detected. PROTEIN alerts, via messagebox on the user's computer, when a new ransomware is detected. PROTEIN disables domain's user affected by the ransomware, preventing the access to the repository by the ransomware or other critical system objects. PROTEIN disables the NIC on the user's computer affected by the ransomware, to block the access to the network.

.REQUIREMENTS - Run this script as an administrator to control computers and domain users remotely.

.NOTES Author: Amador PĂ©rez Trujillo Twitter: @c0p3rnic Company: http://www.newvisionsoftlan.com

.PARAMETER --install Set the path to folder to monitor, path and filename for storage logs and email of the adminsitrator to alert of a risk. IMPORTANT!!! Anti_malware_config folder MUST BE in c:\ on your File Server

.PARAMETER --monitor Start monitoring the Folders... Start the Game!!!

.PARAMETER --configure Re-configure path of folders to monitor and storage the logs, email address..

.PARAMETER --path Echo by console the configuration files for checking purposing.

.PARAMETER --logs Echo by console the log file.