Beomki Lee avatar Beomki Lee committed 5a2c794

* type cast to str (PyQt returns QString type which causes type error)
* let PySide use PySide

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             from PyQt4 import QtCore
         elif any(n.startswith("PySide.QtCore") \
                 for n in os.listdir(self.binDir)):
-            from PyQt4 import QtCore
+            from PySide import QtCore
             return None
-        libpath = QtCore.QLibraryInfo.location( \
-                QtCore.QLibraryInfo.LibrariesPath)
+        libpath = str(QtCore.QLibraryInfo.location( \
+                QtCore.QLibraryInfo.LibrariesPath))
         for subpath in ['QtGui.framework/Resources/qt_menu.nib',
             path = os.path.join(libpath, subpath)
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