Multiple syntax errors enabled through a "syntax" pattern element.

#37 Merged at 7017334
  1. Roland Haas

Pull request for reporting multiple errors in par filles. Mostly so that I have a place to put comments.

Comments (7)

  1. Frank Löffler

    Approved, after committing the changes we talked about in person (yet more comments)

  2. Roland Haas author

    @stevenrbrandt @knarrff While I am listed as the “author” I am just the author of the pull request but not of any of the commits or comments in there. Would you mind merging / declining / closing the pull request, please?

  3. Roland Haas author

    @stevenrbrandt this is piaraha code for which you are the only person able to edit it (being the author and by default maintainer). Would you be able to update the pull request and merge as Frank suggested, please?

  4. Steven R. Brandt

    Not sure how this happened, but it looks like a different version of this patch was applied to master already.

  5. Roland Haas author

    I see. In that case I would try and push that commit into this pull requet’s branch so that the pull request gets marked as “merged”.

    1. Steven R. Brandt

      Actually, I think you can just delete this branch and close any ticket associated with it.

  6. Roland Haas author

    That was what I had in mind, yes. Though I had hoped that you or Frank would do so.

    I have now:

    1. pushed the commit from master that has the “Added comments” message into this branch (this closes the pull request)
    2. closed the branch multiple_syntax_errors
    3. looked for a possible ticket and found none