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This is a brief overview on how to utilize build and use the source code in this repo.

Before we begin, feel free to use this software via the Chrome Web Store.


The Source Code

Firstly you will need to clone this repo's develop branch as master is reserved for production releases.

$ git clone && git fetch && git checkout develop

Development Environment

This was developed in JetBrain's WebStorm on a Windows machine, so there will be a few artifacts in the source that make some things easier in that IDE.

NOTE: If you are to develop with this specific code-base, you'll need to know that both ( and the extension background page will need to have a local-storage key/value pair injected.

env | debug
If you are familiar with DevTools you'll know how to do this, otherwise I would advise familiarizing yourself and coming back.

Chrome Extension Standards (...sorta)

Since this is a Chrome extension in follows all of the documentation found on

However, this is small exception in this build... we have a manifest.js file off of the root that is a node-script that runs a routine to "build" the manifest.json.

To run this:

$ node manifest.js
It's also part of the npm scripts.


We've written a brief node-script to minify/uglify and pack everything relevant into an archive.

$ node .scripts/pack.js
This archive is only really relevant for the upload of the Extension to the Web Store, or unzip and test the directory without the aforementioned env|debug localStorage injection.