Bentley is a minimal and responsive Ghost theme focusing on your content. With smooth and slick javascripts transitions, the experience is elegant and simple - just like the Ghost blogging platform.


See for yourself at

Expect updates - this theme is maturing along with Ghost. Feel free to add suggested features.


How to install

  1. Navigate to your Ghost theme directory ghost/content/themes

  2. Clone theme repo using below command git clone

  3. Restart ghost and log into your dashboard

  4. On settings page, select Bentley - 1.0 as theme and save.

  5. To make custom changes, go to default.hbs and search for 'TODOs' to add things like twitter handle, google analytics ID, etc. This is a temporary fix to a problem in Ghost v0.4.

Note: Ping me (alson[at]caffein8[dot]com) if you have any issues.

User Guide

Cover Photo

To add a cover photo. Just add a title of cover to the image. e.g.



To add a subtitle. Just add a <span> with the class of subtitle. e.g

<span id="subtitle">Do they really exist, or are they unicorns?</span>

P.S. If you do not want the subtitle to be picked up by the excerpt, simply add the subtitle at the end of the article. This way the excerpt will not pick it up.


See the changelog for release details.

Version Release Date
1.0 2014-07-26
0.2 2014-01-19
0.1.1 2014-01-05
0.1 2014-01-05

Contributing and Forking

Bentley is open source and released under the MIT License, and contributions to the code base are welcome and encouraged. Find more information about contributing here.


Thanks to @roycehaynes, the original porter of the theme to Ghost as well as the Ghost team for creating this blog platform.

Special shout out to Dave Gamache, the original designer.

Copyright (c) 2014 Caffein8 Creative LABS - Released under The MIT License.