Model code: Support smoothing groups

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Carsten Fuchs created an issue

As an extension to #100, we should support smoothing groups.

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  1. Carsten Fuchs reporter

    (In [474]) Model code: Add support for importing smoothing groups to all model loaders.

    The loaders of all model file formats have been augmented to import smoothing groups, whenever such information is available in the imported file. The imported smoothing groups data is stored in our appropriately extended `cmdl` files, and the `CafuModelT` class has been extended accordingly.

    Still missing is - the actual ''use'' of the newly available information (at this time, we continue to compute tangent-space as before), - thorough testing for each of the supported file formats.

    References #100 and #101.

  2. Carsten Fuchs reporter

    (In [475]) Model code: Add per-mesh settings for tangent-space method and cast shadows.

    Continuing r474, this change adds new members to the `CafuModelT::MeshT` class for setting - the method for generating the tangent-space axes, and - if the mesh should cast dynamic shadows.

    The new settings are saved to and loaded from the Cafu `cmdl` model files, and have been made available to the user in the Model Editor's "Mesh Inspector" dialogs.

    References #100 and #101.

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